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Is Instagram Business Account Free?

One of the most famous and influential online platforms that have changed the way we go about things, whether personally or from a business’s point of view, is Instagram. Apart from being a social platform that allows generating and sharing of new and unique content such as photos, videos, or text. Instagram is a platform that has enabled many businesses worldwide to shift their model online. Not only does Instagram prove to be a very efficient promotional tool for businesses, but it is also a platform that enables efficient means to conduct business. With Instagram, you can also increase your followers by reverting to the best Instagram growth service that will promote your account.

Instagram has come up with new tools to help businesses realize profit and promote convenience. One of the new and more fresh features available on Instagram is the Instagram business account. This account is much different from that of the personal account that we usually see on the platform. With the Instagram business account, a load of new features and tools can be accessed.

What is Instagram Business Account?

In simpler terms, the Instagram business account is Instagram’s version of a Facebook page. It enables you to access several different features that are otherwise not accessible. These include Instagram Analytics, Instagram Boost, and other essential features. The business account enables the sharing of content on other platforms like Facebook, etc.

Is Instagram Business Account for Free?

As far as the costs and price of owning a business account are concerned, there are no charges for just making an account. However, as far as the promotion of posts and stories is concerned, the average cost of the advertising varies from region to region. Since Instagram has an engagement rate that is much more than that of Facebook, its charges are almost double to that applicable on Facebook. For instance, if the average price for advertising on Facebook in terms of CPC is $0.35, advertising on Instagram is about $0.70. With Instagram, however, a business owner can expect to get guaranteed results as the reach and engagement is much greater than that which is seen on other online platforms.

Features of Instagram Business Account?

Switching to an Instagram Business account has its benefits. One of the significant benefits of having this account is having timely access to new features. Some of these features are enlisted and explained below.

Organic Instagram Growth Strategies to Build Your Brand

Organic Instagram Growth Strategies to Build Your Brand

Instagram is now considered as one of the most important and influential tools of online marketing. This is because of the fact that Instagram is firstly very easy to use and secondly it has a huge customer base. Hence, advertising and promoting products or services on Instagram is an effective way of ensuring that the business gets maximum reach, which automatically increases the chances of customers buying the products and availing the services of your business online. But it is not that easy to find followers, so any business can get help from social media marketing agencies like SimplyGram. But before taking action, make sure you check out the SimplyGram review or any other service review to know what to expect. 

It must be understood that the extent to which Instagram marketing is effective really depends upon the number of followers an account has. For instance, if an account has more followers, the chances of these followers buying from the business will increase automatically. So in simpler words, more followers can equal more profits, especially in the long run.

Here are some organic Instagram growth strategies that will ultimately help build your brand.

Be Consistent

No matter what tactics you use, they can only be effective if you are consistent with your content. It is extremely necessary that you have sufficient content on your profile that gives a good impression of your business to your followers as well as your potential followers. In order to be more consistent, you can always incorporate a social media calendar to really plan what to post and when to post them. Being consistent with respect to colors, your overall theme, captions, and hashtags is also something that looks impressive aesthetically as well. Hence, in simpler words, consistency is key as far growth on Instagram is concerned with respect to your overall brand.

Invest in Content Production

Producing high quality and top-notch quality is another factor that really ensures that your account gets maximum followers on board. However, to produce good content, it is sometimes necessary to hire different people like creative directors, videographers, animators, and freelancers on some occasions as well. For this, it must be understood that this is an investment that, if done correctly, rarely goes to waste. If content produced is of high quality and goes well in line with the business strategies then be assured that it will most likely