What Videos Go Viral on YouTube

YouTube is one the largest social media platforms, with around 122 million daily viewers watching videos relating to their interests and the industry they relate to. The platform also has the second-largest audience, when comparing all the available social media platforms, only Facebook has more audience. Content creators strive to stay relevant in the market and are constantly finding more ways to make their videos stand out from the crowd and become viral on the platform.

This is especially important for people who are finding a way how to get 5000 subscribers on YouTube and are desperately trying to get their first break on the platform and significantly improve their growth potential and reach. This article will help these people make sense of what sort of video goes viral on the platform. The following are some of the best tips that should be followed by anyone looking to create a viral video.


A lot of creators make excellent content that is very informative or engaging for the target audience, however, they lack the extra bit of spark required to make it go viral. This can be done by adding a little bit more detail and meaning to the video. Editing can add that last piece of magic that your videos need in order to make them explode on the platform. This can be since by adding transitions to your video making it much more presentable and pleasing for the audience. Additionally, adding or enhancing background music can make your content more refined. Consider adding texts and closed captions to enhance the audience’s understanding. Explore other editing options to make your content stand out and appear unique.

Well-thought-out thumbnails

The video thumbnail is the most crucial element for a video, as it is the most critical factor which encourages a user to engage with your content or choose to ignore it, since it is the only bit of visual content that can explain your content before it is engaged with. The thumbnail should be attractive and convince the audience to click on it. It should be related to the content of the video and should be relatable to the title in order for it to appeal to the targeted audience. Consider using bold texts explaining the video, and use bright colors to catch the viewer’s attention, to make it stand out from other creators.

Use other social media platforms

Once the video is uploaded it is essential to market it on the other social media platforms, making your audience aware of your content and encouraging them to watch it. This creates a buzz around your content, with many people potentially engaged with it right from the start, which will make go well as per the YouTube algorithms making the video get referred to much more people, and making you stand a better chance of getting your video viral.

Try to integrate all these techniques into your next video, as they are sure to help you get your videos viral on YouTube, provided you make excellent content that is appreciated by the users.