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How much is the Gondola ride in Venice per person?

How much is the Gondola ride in Venice per person?

Venice is a city located in the northern part of Italy. Venice is an island city situated in Venetian lagoon, which is built on a hundred and eighteen islands united together by a system of canals and bridges. It is described as one of the most romantic cities in the world.

Being commonly known as ‘The floating city,’ Venice has no roads approachable by car. Ferries, Gondolas, and boats are the means of conveyance through the city. Characterized as a land predominantly surrounded by water, the survival of Venice as a lagoon has been possible due to human interventions and maintenance. The principal and main watercourse of the city is globally celebrated, The Grand Canal, which has a glorious view with breathtakingly beautiful buildings, lining it. It is also one of the main places for gondola rides, providing conveyance through the city.

Availability of Gondolas

Gondolas are found everywhere in the main tourist areas, such as the Bridge area, Doge’s Palace, Pizzale Roma, Tronchetto, and all the wayfarer junctions. While walking by, you will encounter gondoliers at all the primary and secondary canals asking if you are interested in a gondola ride.


If you are interested in a Gondola ride, it is convenient to book one and experience the busy life in Venice’s waters. Since Gondola rides are generally expensive, it is a good idea to book a trip in advance and discuss the time and price beforehand. Online reservations can also be made, allowing tourists to pay in advance and fix the price.

Gondola tours usually last for about 30 minutes, and they commonly start and end in the same place, unless requested otherwise. Gondola drivers are not just skilled boat rowers, but also have a lot of insight and knowledge about the city and are happy to give visitors a guided tour.

Price of Gondola rides

Usually, the prices of gondola rides are fixed, and drivers are not interested in being flexible or catering to any negotiations. A 30-minute long ride in Venice generally costs around 80 euros for a private tour during the day. At night time, the prices increase due to higher demand and end up costing roughly about 120 euros at the same time.

Since gondoliers have plenty of customers available, they do not feel the need to lessen their tour price, with exceptions being made, only for longer rides or those including other …

How long is the train ride from Rome to Venice, Italy?

How long is the train ride from Rome to Venice, Italy?

The train from Rome to Venice makes for a charming adventure, allowing travelers to appreciate various scenes. Since this commute is commonly used, many trains are driving passengers every day. About three trains leave from Rome to Venice every hour.

Going via train in Italy, from Rome to Venice, is as beautiful as it is advantageous. The distance between Rome and Venice is 330 miles; some rapid trains make this voyage in only 3 hours and 45 minutes, while the more slow, laid back trains can take as long as 6 hours.

train in Italy

Taking the train instead of flying or driving is a good idea as airfares are incredibly high, and traveling by car takes a significantly longer time. Italy’s rapid trains have facilities such as wi-fi, air conditioning, and even electrical outlets at your seat to charge gadgets. These trains also serve food and refreshments, which can be selected from a variety of items on the menu and are brought to the passenger’s seat. The end of every train cabin has a bathroom and plenty of space to store enormous baggage.

 Purchasing your ticket

It is always more convenient to buy your ticket ahead of time. By purchasing tickets online, travelers also have the added facility to skip waiting in long queues at the ticket counter. This process is relatively simple. All a customer has to do is visit the website and select their city of departure and place of arrival; in this case, Rome and Venice accordingly. At this point, the customer chooses the date they want to travel on and the time of their journey according to their plans and commitments.

Once this is done, a ticket is purchased and is paid for using a credit/ debit card. An e-ticket is then received as a PDF version in the customer’s email.

Tickets can also be selected and reserved online based on seat availability. They can be paid for in cash at a separate counter at the station, which not only saves time but also ensures that you get a seat on your preferred train.

At the train station

Rome’s train station is very well developed. It is the second-largest in Europe and is the largest in Italy. The station is easily accessible through taxi or even by the metro. The station is central and is not at vast distances from any of the tourist attractions in Rome. Traffic …