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Why a Golf Course Has 18 Holes?

Why a Golf Course Has 18 Holes?

Man is playing games for centuries. The first games were played (in an organized manner) in ancient Greece. Every game has a playing field designed specifically for that game and some rules by which the player wins or loses. Golf is no exception. Golf is played on large fields, called golf course. In those large fields, holes are dig. That player wins who put the ball into the hole using its golf stick in the least number of shots, repeatedly doing that until he puts the ball into all the holes in the golf course. 

Golf  Course  18 Holes

Golf is an old game the actual date of its inception is unknown, but it can be traced back to 14 (fourteen) century Scotland where this game was first played among its elite. With time golf become a very famous game almost an obsession for some. Different tournaments were organized by various Golf clubs to set common standards and rules for playing this game all over Scotland and other European countries involved. 

Reasons behind 18 holes

Now at the time, first tournaments held there were no universal standards on how much holes a golf course must-have. Some golf courses had five, seven, nine and  22 holes depending on the size and shapes of the golf fields. It was at St Andrew’s club where the 18-holes course evolved. The area of that golf course was long and narrow, and the organizers or ground staff conveniently made nine holes going out to the end. On that ground, golfers first played on those nine holes up till the end of the course. Then they make their way back to the first holes giving priority to those players who were playing out. After that, the playing greens or golf courses were made more prominent. 

So at that time, it was decided by Royal and Ancient Club of St Andrews that 18 (eighteen) holes should be adopted as a standard for the future of the game. At that time the Scottish people were trying their best to make this game accessible in Europe and their colonies, so to do that they first have to make universal rules and standards for that game.

Golf training

There are many theories about why a golf course has 18 holes, some of them involving Scottish whiskey since Scottish whiskey has 18 shots the golfers use to down one shot of whiskey after every one hole they …